A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites
Demonstration test of CanSat, a 350ml can-sized ultra-small satellite, launched into the atmosphere

What is ARLISS?

ARLISS is a CanSat suborbital launch demonstration that takes place every September in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA.

Participants, mainly university students from Japan and abroad, will launch CanSat and perform various missions in cooperation with an amateur rocket organization (AeroPAC).

The competition has a competitive aspect, with awards such as the "Accuracy Award" for the team that controls the CanSat accurately all the way to the goal, and the "Best Mission Award for the best mission.


Sponsorship Requests

ARLISS2024 is looking for companies and individuals who would like to sponsor and donate to the conference in order to continue its operations and further develop its activities.
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